13 Dec 2021 8:54 AM
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Red Europea de Territorios Resineros

After the last meeting of the European Network of Resin-Producing Territories (RETR), which took place in Bordeaux on November 9 and 10, at the same time as the Final Conference of the SustForest Plus Project, the top management positions of this entity were ratified: Chairmanship, vice- Chairmanship and Secretariat, as well as the Executive and the Advisory Committees. In order to close the formal process, the signatures of some partners are still necessary. The RETR is made up of the following:

     •     Chairmanship of the RETR General Assembly: Proença a Nova.

  • Vice- Chairmanship of the RETR General Assembly: Gedel Directorate
  • Natural Environment of the Junta de Castilla y León
  • RETR General Assembly Secretariat: INIA-CSIC.
  • Executive Committee Chairmanship: Fundación Cesefor.
  • Portuguese Territorial Vice-Chairmanship: Geoterra
  • French Territorial Vice-Chairmanship: Gemme la forêt
  • Non-territorial Chairmanship: INIAV.
  • Executive Committee Secretariat: Pine Industry Association
  • Deputy 1 for the Executive Committee: RESIPINUS.
  • Deputy 2 for the Executive Committee: Diputación de Soria.
  • Deputy 3 for the Executive Committee: EIFC.
  • Advisory Committee Chairmanship: UPM.
  • Elected Member of the Advisory Committee 1: Lourizán Forestry Research Center.

In this last meeting of the Network, it was also agreed that March 2022 will be the date on which the third assembly would take place. It will be organised by the Municipality of Proença a Nova, which holds the chairmanship of the General Assembly in Portugal.

 The European Network of Resin- Producing Territories (RETR)

This is the benchmark organization for the natural resin sector at a European level, bringing together all of its value chain members in a solid, comprehensive and open manner. The RETR is considered by the socioeconomic players as a legitimate sectoral interlocutor, recognised for its technical rigor and appreciated by society as an entity that contributes to attaining the sustainable development goals. Its mission is to lead initiatives that increase the profitability of the activity of members of the European natural resin, from the forest to the market; favoring the establishment of the resin activity and culture in the forest territories, the visibility of the sector as a generator of positive externalities for the society and the products manufacturing that meets the sustainable development aims, as well as obtaining support for the sector from the public authorities.

The entities or agents in the resin sector that are interested may join to take part in the Network because the process remains open. The information, rules and membership form are available at the following link: I want to take part in the RETR.