Date: Tuesday, 9 November, 2021 to Wednesday, 10 November, 2021
Organized by: SustForest Plus Project

The final conference of the SustForest Plus project is a unique opportunity for actors in forestry and natural resin value chain to get an overview of all the work carried out by the project. During this conference, translated into French, Portuguese and Spanish, you will learn about new tapping techniques, profitability and international markets for this renewable product. You will discover the marketing and traceability tools and the evaluation of the quality of the resins implemented by the project, as well as the proposals to improve the working conditions of the tapping workers. As this is a long-term project, you will be able to join the various networks created to preserve tapping activity.

The conference is organized by the Institut Européen De La Forêt Cultivée , the Centre National de la Propriété Forestière and the Cesefor Foundation.


Welcome address and introduction

Setting the scene: Introduction to the SustForest+ project and the agenda

Session 1: Strategies. Strategies for sustainable forestry of European natural resins.

  • Presentation of the European Network of Resin Territories (RETR) and its strategy (ERNE), CESEFOR
  • Sustainability analysis of resin scenarios: profitability and multi-criteria analysis, IEFC.
  • Territorial model and definition of ERNE objectives in Spain, France and Portugal,
  • International market, development scenarios and impact on the micro-economy, IEFC
  • Analysis of the European resin sector through its value chain, IEFC

Session 2: Tools. Useful tools and techniques for tapping activity.

  • Early assessment system for resin production and modelling, INIA.
  • Mapping of areas with resin production potential, INIA
  • Adaptation of remote sensing to mapping: from resin production profitability to combustibility assessment,
  • Guide for the establishment of stands with high resin production potential,
  • Quality label for European natural resins, CESEFOR
  • European resin traceability and logistic control system, CESEFOR
  • Use of new stimulants in Spain, UPM

Session 3: Ecosystem Services. Evaluation and assessment of the positive externalities associated with resin production.

  • Compatibility of resin production with timber production, CRPF
  • Assessment of the environmental characteristics of European natural resins: carbon balance,
  • Integration of resin production in fire protection systems,

Session 4: Territorial development. Networks for the development strategy of resin production in Southern Europe.

  • Socio-professional characterization of the resin-producing population in the SUDOE area, INIAV
  • Grouping models for resin management,
  • Network of experimental plots,
  • Future lines: The development of the European Network of Resin Territories and new projects,


Working forum on the sectoral partnership for the promotion of resin.

Invitation to research organizations to present scientific papers.


Visit to the Gardarem eco-museum (depending on availability): history of resin production and heritage of the Landes.

Field visit of a resin-producing forest.